Sunday, November 6, 2011

New QR Code Business Cards

I decided I needed to re-design my business cards (not that they are getting much use but still). I had just used Word to make my old ones this spring; not the prettiest but they worked for posting on local bulletin boards and such.
I had read on CraftaholicsAnonymous that you can put a QR code on your business card. Of course Linda gave a wonderful tutorial: How To Make A QR Code For Your Business Card

This morning I went to so see what templates they offer. I found that they have a feature called Design & Print Online with tons of free templates and everything you need to design nearly anything, including a QR code! I picked "Business Cards, Two Side, Tall", picked a pretty template,  and typed in my info. Clicked on "Back of Card". It is defaulted to have a calendar on that side so I just deleted that. Along the left side I clicked on "Barcodes or QR Codes;" not really knowing what I was doing I just typed my blog address in the box and clicked finish. The new QR code popped up on the card, of course I had to test it with my iPod touch and it worked! I also added a code for my flickr page since I haven't moved any of my old projects to the blog yet.
I did have to sign up for a MyAvery account (free) to save the card.
Once you have something made up, Avery gives you the ability to "Apply Design To Another Product." You can then choose another Avery item to use, as in my case I need a name badge for the upcoming Sewing Expo in the Twin Cities (that's another post). So I measured my name badge holder and found a similar sized badge template on the site & designed away.
Avery's Design & Print Online site made it very easy to get a much more professional looking and updated business card with little fuss.
I hope this helps someone. And no Avery has not idea who I am or that I have posted this.
Good Afternoon & Blessed Be.

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