Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pastille muslin

Pastille muslin front view
I finally got my muslin sewn up last night! It went together very quickly and easily. I didn't sew in the pleats on the skirt, I was more interested in seeing if my bodice alterations were correct.Which I am pleased to say that the bodice fits nearly perfectly!
Pastille muslin front view
I didn't use any facings since this is just a muslin. I used a couple pieces of old sheets for the fabric since I am not worried about having a wearable muslin.

Pastille muslin side view

As you can see though the waist seem isn't quite level there on the side - any suggestions? I am thinking of just taking up the side seam that 1/4"-1/2" to level it up but then again maybe I will just lengthen the front bodice in front the 1/2" or so since it looks like the front is the only one having the problem, don't need to create problems with the back bodice.

Pastille muslin back view

I used a regular zipper but will use an invisible zipper on my final, they are so much cleaner looking and easier to install.

Well, the hubby is occupied and the kids seem to be as well, so I think I'm going to try sneaking down to the sewing room to work on my final adjusments and see if I can get my Pastille sewn up. So excited!

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  1. I'm like you: VERY short waisted, but my bust is VERY big (C almost D !!) . I always have to shorten my patterns by 2 inches, so I will follow your pastille very closely if you don't mind!. What fabric are you going to use? I'll begin with my muslin and then I'll decide what to buy. Good luck with your Pastille!


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