Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Water Bottles and Canvas Quote

We went to the Black Hills over Memorial Day Weekend to meet up with my family, so...
I wanted an easy, inexpesive gift (that 10 people would all like/use) to give. Plus I'd seen this pin & knew something similar would be perfect for my sister L. I picked up 10 aluminum water bottles from The Dollar Tree and designed some vinyl cuts to personalize the water bottles. They were a pretty big hit. I don't have a decent picture of the water bottles, but I do have files for anyone that is interested. I made a fish silhouette, hot rod, a running quote, a pig, a chicken, an Oliver shield (tractor), a crown, and my sewing machine. I just used clip art and the trace feature in the Silhouette Studio program.

I still needed to get my brother's birthday gift made. I had been bugging him for a couple of months for a quote - he posts more quotes to Facebook than actual status updates. He sent me this quote:
I cut the quote out of contact paper and placed it on a 24"x30" unfinished canvas - which I have to say I should have painted it first so the contact paper would stick!! So after much time spent getting the letters to stick enough to be able to spray paint it, I sprayed the plain canvas with flat black spray paint. The letters not sticking to the canvas actually made a really neat effect leaving the edges of the letters soft (which isn't very easy to see but whatever).

Well, I hope everyone had a nice weekend. I have some client's sewing to get done tonight.
Blessed Be & Good Night.

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