Thursday, June 7, 2012

Skinny Jeans!

So, I went jean shopping last week - spent a bad 1hr+ trying on jeans at Target with the kids - pure torture for all involved! Honestly the kids did pretty good considering but still not fun for any of us, except that I found that I could go down a size in my shopping!! Yippee!! In the end I could not find the style I wanted in the size I wanted so it was all a waste of time. But to get to my point, I decided to take a look at my local thrift store and got lucky, I found two pairs of jeans that fit. One pair will need just a bit of altering in the waist but I will make do with a belt for now, this pair is at least the correct length, I can wear sneakers or sandals!

The pair pictured below needed more altering. These were too long with a boot/flare cut that I would rather were tapered/skinny. These are stretchy jeans so I thought it would be perfect for
a "skinny" style.
Original leg -someone let the hem out.
I put on the jeans, marked about where I wanted them to be.

I cut the outside seam since it doesn't have the nice top-stitching.
With the front & back not being even it did make it a bit more difficult
but I just ended up putting them on again and marking again.

I serged the side seam, a couple of times to get it smooth and even.

Once I had one leg done (except the hem) I basically just traced it with chalk on the other leg and serged - much quicker the second time :)
I tried the jeans on again, marked where I wanted the new hem, cut off the
extra 2", folded over 1/2" and another 1/2" to enclose the raw edge.
I then hemmed with a dark blue thread - which is hard to see in the picture :)
I am thinking I should distress the hem just a bit to give them a more natural finished look, I know I've seen tutorials around the suggest using sandpaper and such to make hem look more like you expect it to.
Well, not a tutorial but maybe inspiration for someone? Plus I only spent $11 on two pairs of jeans when I was considering spending $28 on one pair, a savings of $17! More money to spend on sewing & craft supplies (a plus since I am headed to Mankato this weekend to see family - ps Mankato has the nearest JoAnn's).
I hope everyone has a good night.
Blessed Be,

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