Monday, December 19, 2011

Blueberry smoothie

Had to share my smoothie "recipe"
Not exactly a recipe since I don't have any exact measurement but I guess maybe it is a formula.
The kids and I love smoothies, an easy, healthy snack that feels like a treat.
I used about 1/2 cup plain yogurt though any yogurt you have on hand would work.
I added about 1tsp vanilla extract but this might be un-needed if you use a vanilla yogurt or other flavored yogurt.
I added a little no calorie sweetener since the plain yogurt can be bitter.
I used both 2% milk and almond milk only because I have both and didn't think to use the almond milk until I had already poured in the regular milk.
Last but not least the frozen blueberries. I added about 1 cup.
Place everything in blender and process on high til smooth. If needed add more milk to get it thinner if it doesn't want to mix well. Pour into glasses and enjoy!!


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