Saturday, April 7, 2012

"Franken" Simplicity 6995

Ve373 LRG.jpg 
A picture of envelope from Vintage Patterns Wikia - I don't have the envelope for my copy.

I decided to make B another dress but this time I made a wearable muslin first because I was doing a "franken pattern."  I wanted a dress with a neckline yoke and and puff sleeves so I used the view 1 for the top of the bodice. To be honest I am going to make us "matchy" dresses. I am wanting to make this dress that I saw on - LOVE LOVE this website, so much inspiration!
The pattern suggestion is actually Simplicity 2180 (View A)

B loves red so I thought that since I was making myself a red dress I'd make her one too; while I'm at it I may as well make it a similar style.
So, any way, to get back on track, I needed to add a waistband to the view 1 style and lengthen it. I added 5" to the length and a 2" waistband with the front bodice gathered to fit it. To the back bodice I added several stitched lines of elastic thread at the waistband level to cinch it up a bit. I had intended to add waistband ties at the sides but forgot and then decided it wasn't worth it to add them - just another thing that wouldn't stay in place.
To lengthen the pattern I traced the top of the bodice through the armhole, shifted the pattern down 5", traced the hemline, and drew a straight line from the arm hole to the hemline, mimicing the original pattern design.
I used my french curve to draw the gather lines and elastic thread lines at waist level.
Front view of my "franken" Simplicity 6995 (view 1).

It is now knee length with a 2" hem (the original calls for a 3.25" hem!!) 

Back view with view of elastic thread gathering. The zipper is installed just below yoke to about 1" above the elastic. The button "hole" is a small piece of 1/4" elastic.
 The original sleeves call for a bias tape facing that you have gathered the sleeve to. I wanted to use elastic instead and the way it just kinda worked out was to use this yellow bias tape as an extra elastic casing (had the matching bias tape leftover from another project). This extra yellow gives the sleeves about an extra 1" in length.
Oh, this was a vintage sheet in surprisingly good condition that I picked up at a garage sale last spring.

 Well, hope everyone is having a good afternoon.
Blessed Be, Alyssa

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