Sunday, April 29, 2012

Purple T-shirt

I needed to make B another t-shirt, so yesterday I asked her what color shirt she wanted, and she answered purple; then she found a scrap of pink rib-knit on my shelf and said she wanted it on her shirt. Luckily there was just enough for the neck binding.
The only purple knit fabric I had was a t-shirt I had purchased last year on clearance for $1 or $2. I removed the chest pocket, sleeves, cut the shoulders and one side to get full use of the shirt.
My pattern is a modified Crossover Tee Shirt from "Growing Up Sew Liberated". I wanted a simplified pattern so I just found the center line of the front left pattern piece and used it as the center front fold line to place on the fold.
 I used the t-shirt's finished hems for the sleeve and shirt hems - less work!
I did ask her if she wanted something on her shirt (I intended to put a cupcake on it) but she said no - plain
I like how it turned out and even better B does to - when I showed it to her, she said "Thank You Mom!" Can't get any better than that!!! Especially from a 2 year old!

Just an FYI - this is a 3T which is a bit large on B but I want it to last longer than the 2T would have.

Hoping to get something sewn up tonight, after B is in bed (D is with Dad in semi-truck on a late load).
Good luck with your sewing and Blessed Be, Alyssa

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