Thursday, April 26, 2012

KCWC projects

I got a few projects done for KCWC!

I had started this shirt before Christmas, which I blogged here. All I needed to do was cut sleeves and sew. A nice plus is that when I showed it to D today he smiled big & then insisted on wearing it to bed tonight :)

Pants cut off to shorts and serged - nice easy fix for ripped pants

Tights that were too small, I cut off the feet; sewed on lace and "whala" leggings!
Nice new shirt - with hole from getting caught in zipper :(
Traced over smoke on shirt then used wonder under to make an applique of white knit.

Machine appliqued smoke onto shirt to cover zipper hole. This turned out really nice, doesn't look like it was added :)
 Well, I hope everyone is feeling like they accomplished something!

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