Monday, June 25, 2012

Wedding Anniversary

Disclaimer: This is by no means perfect but it works and I really didn't want to start over.

So, the hubby & I had our ten year wedding anniversary last week. I wanted to make something to commemorate the event and had a hard time making up my mind what I wanted to do, so I procrastinated until the last minute. I wanted to surprise my hubby with a nice canvas with a quote or something (this was one idea since The Princess Bride is a favorite movie). I eventually settled on part of our recessional song (I think that is what it's call, the song playing when we walked down the "isle" after the ceremony) which was Higher & Higher by Jackie Wilson. I did this much the same as I did for the canvas for my brother, unfortunately it didn't turn out nearly as nice! I made this on a 12x16" canvas using contact paper again but wish I had remembered this tutorial, I'm sure it would have went much more smoothly & turned out a lot better :(

The white portion with our names & the date is actually vinyl because the original contact paper didn't stick down enough so the paint bled under it to the point of not being able to read it. I mod podged the vinyl on to make sure it would stick, after I had to repaint that strip green so the the white, unpainted portion of canvas, wouldn't show.

Oh, well maybe at our 15 year anniversary I'll redo it :)

So, here's to many more happy years :)
Have a good day

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  1. Cool! We are celebrating our 10 year next week! Amazing how time flies! (I'm getting him a manual lawn mower - the old fashioned kind - and wrapping it in tin foil since 10 years is tin/aluminum! lol!)


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