Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Pattern Finds

Last week a friend let me know that a local thrift store that she works/volunteers at had received a large box of sewing patterns - so I was very excited to see what they had. I was finally able to get a look at them and here is what I got. I'm not calling this a steal 'cause the patterns were each $6 but I felt obligated to buy something. I purchased two girl's dress patterns and two women's patterns and would have purchased LOADS more but was severely restricted by the price. The woman doing the pricing is under the impression that most of the pattern in the box are 1940's patterns but most are 60's (she really needs to actually look at the patterns & the dates on the envelopes) so that is one reason for the higher price (considering this is at a thrift store).

1960 McCall's 5673 Petite Dress and Jacket Designed by Hannah Troy.
I think my next project will be this dress & jacket though I'm not sure I can wear a pencil skirt.
This dress wasn't listed on so I added it - does this mean it is more rare?
Thinking I need to check around for more Hannah Troy designed patterns.

1951 Simplicity 3603 Girl's Once-Piece Dress.
I love the scallops on this!

1953 Simplicity 4394 Girl's Jumper, Jacket, Weskit, and Skirt.
I couldn't pass up that jacket - hopefully I can get it made (eventually) and have
B actually wear it when she is old enough in many years :)

1965 Simplicity 6220 Misses' One Piece Dress
The V seam in the front bodice really reminds me of
Colette Pattern's Hazel.
That was my splurge for the week though I am hoping that I can keep an eye on the patterns at the store and catch them if they ever go on sale - there was one 1942 womens' slacks pattern that I was VERY temped to buy but decided against because I was trying to limit myself to only patterns that I will actually sew, especially at $6 each.

I still have several early 1970's Anne Adams patterns that I was lucky to find but they are all many sizes too large for me. Anyone interested in a pattern trade?

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