Saturday, September 15, 2012

Strawberry School Bag

I almost can't believe it but B started preschool yesterday! She only goes for two hours every Friday afternoon but it's a start, and it means my baby is that much closer to being in school.

Two years ago when D started preschool I made him a school bag, as is required by our wonderful teacher. For D's I just kinda winged it, using a portion of a pant leg for the exterior of the bag - utilizing the cargo pocket of the pant leg.

 I made both bags in the messenger bag style, easier for riding in a vehicle.

Earlier in the summer when I asked B what she wanted her bag to look like she said "pink princess backpack" which was no surprise, she some how got really into pink princess (not any princess imparticular just pink princess). Then just a couple weeks ago we borrowed "Strawberry Shortcake Goes to School" book from the library, then she had to have a strawberry backpack :). Luckily Strawberry's backback is just pink and I happen to have some cute strawberry fabric from my MIL (from her destashing about 9yrs ago - don't tell!) to use for detailing.
I spent way too much time digging through my stash for something to use for the inside of B's bag, then settled on a thread bare pillowcase with pink.
When I made D's bag I purchased one yard of sew-in interfacing, the extra stiff stuff; so I had enough leftover to use for B's bag.
I measured D's bag for a starting point, then just kinda went for it.
I ended up taking part of the pillowcase and sewing it to the flap to make it long enough, making sure to have the original eyelet trim on the end. I finished the edges with 1/4" double fold bias tape from my stash. Really to make this bag, everything I used came from my stash - nice!

My dear daughter always warms my heart, I gave her the bag once it was completed & she immediately hugs it, says thank you, and that she likes her strawberry bag! What a sweetie!

I did take a few notes & pictures so if anyone is interested I could post a kinda mini-tutorial but there are sooo many other, very well done tutorials that I really didn't think the blogosphere needed another added to the mix.
So now I should get a dress or skirt made for B using the strawberry fabric before she out-grows her Strawberry Shortcake facination; the fabric is a knit but with the screen printing on there it doesn't stretch much so need to figure out which pattern to use :)
Have a good weekend and Blessed Be,

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  1. This is super cute! I really like the one with the cars on the front.


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