Friday, September 14, 2012

DIY Magnetic Dry Erase Calendar

I have to apologize now for the pictures - my camera went caput, so I've had to use my iPod :(
I've been wanting a magnetic dry erase board for ages & finally got one made!
Yes, I know there aren't 31 days in September, I just wasn't paying enough attention before I took the picture :)
After finding this post at Michelle's Adventures with Digital Creations where she figured out that glossy vinyl will work as dry erase vinyl; I had to test the glossy vinyl I have by making little marks with a couple different colors of dry erase markers to make sure it would work & yay!! it does!
I picked up a piece of sheet metal at Runnings as well as a pair of tin snips, since we didn't have any - just a cheapy pair.
I already had the 16"x20" frame from a failed project two years ago :)
I cut the sheet metal down to fit the frame and covered it with my glossy white vinyl.
Using the free calendar cut from Silhouette from a few weeks ago, I made a few adjustments so I could have the days of the week incorporated into the calendar.
The calendar was a pain to place on the white vinyl but luckily my husband helped.
Wanting to be more organized with my weekly menu and take more control of my grocery budget I added a menu board to the side.
To make the dates I used a couple of those free magnets that come with the phone book.

I cut white vinyl circles to cover the magnets (which if I'd planned it better I would have covered the magnets before cutting into circles) then I cut the number in the same merlot vinyl that I used for the calendar and placed the numbers over the white covered magnets.
For the months, I printed off each month, trimmed it down to fit the calendar, & glued some scraps of the magnets to the back of each.
I am really enjoying the calendar & menu board - it's been easy to take meal requests - D today just asked that I add tacos to the menu list :)

Hopefully I've inspired someone & please let me know if you have any questions - I will try to answer them :)
Good Night & Blessed Be,

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