Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Wardrobe Building

 I would love to say that I have been getting lots accomplished now that D is gone to Kindergarten all day but in reality it means that I have to get to bed a decent time (10pm) so I can be up at 5:30am to exercise, get D up, fed and on the bus at 7am. If I do get any sewing time in it means that B spends the whole day in front of the TV - she's 3, that doesn't bode well for playing by herself, for long.
I do need to work out some sort of schedule to work in more sewing time since as it is I only get a few hours on the weekends, if I'm lucky. I want to work on a sewing plan after reading on a couple blogs (3 Hours Past The Edge of The World & Disparate Disciplines)  lately of sewing wardrobe foundation garments & wardrobe building garments and I think it's a great plan! I try to only make garments that I know I will wear on a regular basis but I do need to make more separates- less dresses. Separates give more outfits than a single dress (duh).
After I finish my McCalls 5673 dress (which I have all cut, marked, & ready to start sewing) I will be planning more separates, especially tops to wear with the cold weather (my first will be Steph's long sleeve hack of her Blank Canvas T-shirt). I am thinking I need to delve into pant making (since it's a separate), I don't have any pants that fit properly. I don't particularly like pants but they do become necessary at times (-10 degree winters!) so I may as well have properly fitting pants if I am going to make them. But that is the problem, proper fit, I'm afraid lots of muslins will be made in the process and I still won't be satisfied with the final fit to actually make and wear a home sewn pair of pants.
I have quite a few pants patterns from the BurdaStyle magazines in my stash so I suppose I need to start browsing those and check for reviews of them.
Not much going on here though I may get some sewing in tomorrow since B's morning play date had to cancel, hopefully I can get a good portion of McCall's 5673 constructed - it went together smoothly in the muslin but I will be really taking my time with it and doing all the little extras that I skipped on the muslin. I was able to get my fashion fabric dyed to a better blue than before - used 2 bottles of dye and "cooked" it longer on the stove.
Well, I better get lunches made and head up to bed, hope everyone is doing well & thank you to all of my followers for the support, it really means a lot!!

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