Wednesday, September 26, 2012

McCall's 5673 Ugly Muslin

Got my muslin sewn up for 5673! An ugly muslin of a cute dress and an almost perfect fit.
I will have to take up the shoulder seams a bit to get it just right. After sewing the jacket, without making any alterations, I didn't think I'd need to make many adjustments.
I adjusted the pattern for width sizing in my waist and hips but never messed with the back waist length, opting to wait until I had a muslin made up to see what changes, if any, it needed.
A view of the under arm gusset
The extra at the shoulder
that needs to be taken out
Now I need to decide on a fashion fabric, I would like a dark blue dress to go with the jacket from the same pattern but my blue dye job on some of that polka dot fabric didn't work out, needed to "cook" it longer on the stove but it looked soo dark I could barely see the black polka dots!

Overall the pattern wasn't to difficult to construct. I've never sewn anything with an underarm gusset so I made sure to follow the directions carefully for that and it went smoothly.
To be honest I hate the usual neck facings of patterns - they never seem to lie quite right so I am debating doing a partially lined bodice - the midriff is already lined - I'm considering just doing lining pieces for the main bodice and then sew it all together at the gusset but then those seams would be bulky so I don't know what I want to do. Guess it will all depend on the fabric I end up using - maybe I'll have to line it no matter what. The pattern does call for top-stitching the neckline after sewing on the facing but I neglected to do that beings that this is just a muslin, so I expect that would help. 
 I am hoping to get my new dress sewn up soon then start playing with the pattern. I am loving the bodice and think that a contrasting midriff would be neat and then also a fuller skirt instead of the pencil skirt. Hopefully I can keep myself from loosing interest as soon as I get done with it - I tend to sew a pattern once and then move on :)

I also want to sew another version of the jacket and add a pepulum -
there are some really cute ones I've seen on Pinterest:
Pinned Image
Pinned Image
  Please don't tell me pepulums are already out! I don't want to hear.

I'd also like to play with the collar, so many options, so little time!

Anyone else find a pattern that just worked and got you thinking about ways to change it up for more versions? Any suggestions? I'm going into Minnesota winter here soon so layering and sleeves are necessary, I don't really want to wear jeans all winter :P Any good sources for tights or other leg coverings to wear with dresses? Knee socks?

Have a good night and Blessed Be,



  1. I love this dress and jacket! The neckline and bodice are lovely. I'll go check out your jacket in a moment. And I'm up for a peplum - I want a couple of blouses and a jacket if I can find the time to do them . . . .

  2. That coat is soooo peplum ready. Love the pleated one since it's a little different since the flowy style are more common. Of course I'm sure those pleats will be harder, it always works that way, doesn't it?

  3. Ooooh I like your jacket!

    I've loved peplums for ages and ages, I do hope they stick around a little bit longer... So very '40's.


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