Friday, November 16, 2012

Test Cut Before Cutting Vinyl!

Well, I learned a lesson with my Silhouette yesterday - do test cuts on cheap paper when making your own designs - especially lettering! I cut a phrase out of vinyl but lost pieces of letters because they were too thin :(
I went back into the letters, converted to path, released path, and then proceeded to edit pretty much every point to make the letters thicker and to clean up the lines a bit -the font that was picked is a little "dirty." (Font was "Shipped Goods" - in case anyone was wondering)
Brother's quote for his hot rod dash -
it is actually quite small to fit the dash - the phrase is under 12" wide & just under 5" tall
After more fiddling I finally got a lay-out that I was happy with and got the phrase cut out, again. This will be a Xmas gift for my brother but it looks so piddly - there is no way to show the hours of work that went into it :( - that I need to figure out something else to give him....
What to give a 26 year old bachelor?
So I'm getting a few gifts done but still have plenty I need to make/decide what to make.
On another gifting note, I got my match for the Craftaholics Anonymous Winter Gift Exchange, am getting a few ideas, and doing some planning/plotting. I always have so much fun with these exchanges - not really knowing the other person personally, I think is a little freeing. I feel like they know what goes into the gift and will (hopefully) like what I put my creativity into. And because I noticed that my newest blog follower is my exchange partner I will keep my gift ideas mum, for now :)
I hope everyone is having a good week and have a good holiday week - I don't think I will get back to the blog until we return from our Thanksgiving vacation.
Blessed Be, Alyssa

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