Monday, March 25, 2013

Covert Robin Mystery Gift Exchange

I just happened to stumble upon the Covert Robin gift exchange just before the deadline to sign up -so of course I signed up!

I am to make a handmade gift valued at $20-$30. The hard part for me is as far as I can find my giftee has no blog or any other way for me to stalk covertly learn about her to find out what she likes or even how old she might be - is she a mom, grandma, aunt? etc. 

So I am making a few things that I hope she will like and be able to use or at the very least be able to re-gift!

I need to finish up and get things ready to send out, the deadline to mail out is Sunday, which means I will be making a trip to town Friday to the post office. 

I really hope she has similar tastes to mine.

Blessed Be,

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