Monday, April 1, 2013

Received Covert Robin Gift

Received Covert Robin Gift by alyssa_j_s

Received Covert Robin Gift, a photo by alyssa_j_s on Flickr.

Just wanted to post real quick.
I recieved my Covert Robin Mystery Gift from Jill - that beading must have taken a long time!
I need to look up where the closest Starbucks is...must be one in Mankato -thanks for the treat!
I, of course, totally forgot to take pictures of what I made for Leslie but I hope she really likes the items.

And hopefully she will takes pictures! Please!
I made a vinyl decal "Believe There Is Good In The World"
An oven mitt & matching embroidered hand towel
A package of pretty floral blank cards for notes or thank yous
And a make-up washcloth - dark colored so you can't see the stains from wiping off make-up.

Hope everyone has a lovely day,

This is actually the reverse of the vinyl sign I made for Leslie - I made two since I had to cut two colors anyway.
I hope she likes it & can find a place for it.

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