Monday, November 28, 2011

Shaun the Pillow Sheep

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Realizing that I really am running out of time to make gifts for the upcoming holiday season I wandered into my sewing room last night and got started on this soft and cuddly guy. We love watching Shaun the Sheep on Netflix, so I thought my D would like to have his own Shaun, especially since he has been asking for a "Pillow Pet" for ages. I free handed everything with the help of pictures from the Shaun the Sheep website. Obviously I added legs, 'cause whats a sheep without legs? I used snaps instead of velcro, the velcro on B's puppy seems to get caught on things too much.

Pillow Shaun

Last year I made my B her puppy pillow, which is now a fixture in her bed.

Pillow Puppy
To make B's pillow I used Twelve Crafts Til Christmas's Pillow Buddy tutorial. The fabric I used for both of these were the clearenced chenille type blankets from Walmart. The pillows are relatively easy projects and cheap considering I got the blankets for $5/each and there is plenty of fabric leftover for something else later.

Have a good night & Blessed Be


  1. I am a huge shaun the sheep fan. Love the pillow. Well done

  2. I love, love Shaun the Sheep! What a great pillow!!!

  3. I love Shaun! What a great idea! Awesome job! I just had to click on the sheep.

  4. I love your pillows! My daughter has a butterfly pillow pet on her Christmas list. Sure wish I could sew!


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