Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sew Colette - Croquis

I don't know when the sew-along will be doing this but I have already made my Croquis, so I figured I'd share. I made mine two ways. First I did it just like the Sew Colette Sewing Handbook instructs and this really did work out pretty nice.
Hand traced croquis

Then I was thinking about it and remembered a cool feature I have in my Kodak Easy Share software. It gives you the ability to change any picture into a coloring book page. The page looked better before I saved it so there is something with the software that I don't understand but this does work if you have the software - which I found that you can download free from the Kodak website.
coloring book croquis

I can't find anywhere in my house to take a picture without my feet being cut off by the baseboard in this picture but it still works. Doing it with the software would save you having to print off your picture and then having to scan it back into the computer to be able to make multiple copies :) It will probably be a bit before I really use my croquis but I will eventually!

Hope I helped and have a good day! Blessed Be.

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  1. Thanks for the tip on Kodak Easy Share, I wouldn't have thought about using that I now when I make mine.


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