Friday, January 13, 2012

Sew Colette Sew-Along

I am lucky to have a wonderful library system in Minnesota. I decided I should check out some books from the library so I could decide which to buy with my Xmas money. So, one of the books I currently have is The Colette Sewing Handbook which is lovely!
On Monday Sarai had a post about this sew-along, which was perfect timing for me! I need the motivation of keeping up with the group but this also gives me the excuse motivation to do something new and for myself. The ladies from Rhinestones and Telephones and Miss Crayola Creepy are doing weekly posts (Thursdays) starting with the Meringue skirt. I'm a bit behind already :( but I do at least have the pattern traced and will hopefully get my muslin made this weekend since my dear husband doesn't have to work Saturday (& hopefully Sunday). I am really looking forward to making all the patterns in The Colette Sewing Handbook, they are (IMOP) classic styles with vintage roots that I really like. I have always admired the Colette Patterns but with my pattern stash I have a hard time buying new patterns that cost more than $1 I can't be sure I will get around to sewing. I'll post progress updates on the blog to keep myself going & just in case anyone is interested in seeing what I create. Now to pick an old sheet to use for my muslin :) and do some pattern measuring and adjusting (need to check the skirt length specifically).

Have a good evening and Blessed Be.

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