Monday, March 26, 2012

Finished Truffle Dress

With only one "hiccup" I got my Truffle dress completed today. And regarding that hiccup, make sure your zipper is not twisted before you begin to sew the second side of said zipper. The alterations I made to the back bodice seem to be working out just right, thanks to my muslins!

Truffle Dress sewn in a microfiber polyester.
I used a rolled hem on the flounce and the dress hem - I thought it would be the easiest.
Truffle Dress back with invisible zipper
Truffle Dress side view

Flounce rolled hem

This dress went together very easily, IMOP, the fabric I chose to use didn't fray too badly before I could get the edges serged or pinked. The Colette Sewing Handbook's instructions are very clear, I have to say that I am learning new techniques while working my way through this book. I am going to remember the techique for sewing together the shell fabric and lining.
The fabric seems like it will drape nicely and be a nice lightweight fabric for summer. I like the print and have lots of it left but unfortunately it doesn't take dye, so, I guess I have an excuse to get some of those fabric paint pens :)
I will be linking up to the flickr group for the sew-along at Rhinestones and Telephones.
I have really enjoyed doing this sew-along, it has kept me motivated to keep sewing and have deadlines to get things done. I have already sewn my Meringue Skirt and my Pastille Dress, now I just need to wait for the nicer weather to stick around long enough that I can get these worn.
I wish you the best of luck and inspiration in your sewing.

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