Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Truffle Muslin with Alterations

As I showed in my previous Truffle muslin post, I needed to make some alteration to the back bodice of my dress. I was able to get my alterations made and they seem to have solved my problems (with this dress).
horrible picture but when I have to use a bookcase and camera timer, I guess this is what I get :)
What isn't very visible in this picture it that the back bodice is much more fitted now.
I am going to add back in about half an inch to the length of both the back and front bodice, the waist is just a bit high.
on my original muslin the side seam was gaping and not matching up right - obviously my mistake but I needed extra out of the back anyways so I took out some of the extra width at the side seam. I pinned out the extra on the back bodice only.

As I noticed in my first muslin post the back neckline was gaping so I measured in one inch from the stitching line and used my french curve to mark a new stitching line from this one inch point down to the original waist line.
A better view of the alterations I made to my pattern piece

I hope to get started on my fashion fabric version - I am looking forward to the "drapey" fabric even if it is a little scary to work with the slippery fabric. Good luck and Blessed Be, Alyssa

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