Friday, July 27, 2012

New Look 6779- Dress

In keeping with my pattern stash busting and fabric stash busting I was able to sew up New Look 6779 - view B. I used fabric I've had for two years: for the main body Moondance Orbit Green and for the contrast yoke I used Moondance Miranda White; both are quilting weight cottons. I love the Moondance collection - at the time I bought several pieces from the collection. I've previously used the pinks on this outfit for B.

Now back to the pattern. I'm not sure I really like it. I like it with my alterations well enough that my work won't go to waste but I'm afraid it won't be the first thing I pull out of my closet. I did a small bust adjustment as usual and then just followed the directions & sewed it up. It was a sack! not enough shaping in my opinion. The back was much too loose and just had extra fabric hanging there, very loose. So, I pinched out the extra on me & on my dressform, to get it even, then sewed.
The new back center seam to give it more shape.
On my pattern I marked my changes - not that I'm likely to make this again but maybe for a future seamstress.

As you can see it doesn't hang quite right but at least it is better than before (sorry didn't get a picture)
Not too bad from the front tho the front neckline wants to gape a bit. I like the fabric enough that I will wear this -
guess this is what I get for not doing a muslin :/
Other than my issues with the shaping this was a very easy pattern that could really have a lot of potential for use of fabric to get new looks - just not really my style of shift dress, I guess.

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