Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sneek Peak

Sorry I've been MIA. Between D starting kindergarten last week, the camera quitting 3 weeks ago (just as I was about to take birthday party pictures of B's 3rd birthday!!), and the in-laws visiting from out of state I haven't had much to blog about. I've been busy the last several days though. Now I just need to get some usable if not good pictures of my projects to show off.
Here is a sneek peak of the jacket I finished today.
After purchasing the vintage 1960 McCall's 5673 dress and jacket pattern, I joined the Lined Jacket contest at I now have the jacket completed but the pictures the hubby took with his smart phone are awful - didn't help it was sunset but I think his lens is VERY dirty. So I am going to see what I can get accomplished in that department tomorrow, hopefully hubby will be home before dark again :)
Have a good night & hope to update next time with more & better pictures!
Blessed Be, Alyssa

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