Monday, December 10, 2012

Grandma's Doll

My hubby's step mom requested a doll for Xmas to go with the doll I made for her three years ago.
The brunette in blue is named Clarice. Grandma R requested a sister for her. I decided a blonde in yellow with cherries would be nice & cheery. (Grandma has a thing for cherries)
Clarice's buns were made by braiding three strips of felt then hand sewing them on.
I really love the effect of the braids, they turned out really cute.
I started out making a Black Apple Doll three years ago, I made one for a friend's daughter then had to play with the pattern to make my own style doll.
The first doll, from the Black Apple pattern is in purple. I made the brunette in blue for a silent auction and I sold Poppy on WhoopdWhoop.
This time I used fabric for the skin instead of felt, I thought it gave a nice smooth effect. The pony tails are two layers of felt sewn together this time, not stuffed - as in the blue dressed doll.
I enjoyed making this doll and wish I could see Grandma's reaction when she recieves her doll, I know she will love the doll and appreciates the time, energy, and love that I put into her.
I hope everyone is having a good night and sorry I haven't posted lately, I am so far behind in posting; I'll try to get caught up this week.
Blessed Be, Alyssa

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