Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Girl's Crossover Dress

Saturday night I wanted a quick project and remembering this free pattern I had printed off earlier in the week. I was inpired to make B a dress & bloomers to match my yellow rose Sorbetto, since B had asked to wear a dress that matched my shirt that morning. I did lengthen the pattern about three inches since I wanted a dress, not a shirt. I did this by tracing the bottom half of the pattern, extending the straight line of the center front to the full length I wanted, moved the pattern up and traced the top of the pattern, blending the side seam to a smooth line. As Alicia says about her smocket pattern, "it can be fully reversible", but I wasn't worried about doing that so I just used my homemade bias binding and bound the whole thing. I did change one thing - the top is supposed to be tied at the shoulders, I added buttons and button holes, using a set of buttons B had picked out herself at the store, they match perfectly IMOP. I made sure to add a bit of interfacing to the areas of the buttons and buttonholes to reinforce the fabric.

 Of course with this style of top, a matching pair of bloomers are required. I used the bloomer pattern from a 1985 Simplicity #7062 since it is in my stash. I had to finish the bloomers in the morning to make sure I got the elastic sized correctly but B did wear her new outfit Sunday. It was heart warming Monday when B had to show her cousin the new outfit I made for her before we put away the clean laundry :) - not that he really cared, what can you expect from a 5 year old :) - but it was heart warming to have B so proud of what I made for her.
So B has  a new outfit for all this swelting weather we are having and hopefully with this style it should fit her for a couple summers - hopefully!
Stay cool and Blessed Be, Alyssa

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