Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Well, I have to admit I never intended to take such a long hiatus from the blog but I just haven't had or taken the time to blog. D has been in school for almost 2 months & B has been back in preschool for about a month but I started jogging after dropping her off so didn't have the free day time to work on the blog. But, I have been busier lately in the sewing room so I have several projects to blog about and will be doing that soon- getting to be too wet out to go jogging :-(
Between pattern testing for Rachel of Imagine Gnats (great patterns!) & my own refashions I am getting excited again about sharing.
I promise to be back but this is MEA week so kids will be out of school the rest of the week so probably won't be back til next Tuesday.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Summer Handmade Exchange

I participated in the semi-annual Craftaholics Anonymous Gift exchange.
I made my match a few things that I hope she enjoys.
I embroidered a kitchen towel, made a small pouch,  and cut a vinyl phrase (that I found on her pinterest board) that can be put on glass in an 8x10 frame or whatever she wants to do with it.  I tried to do a variety of things since you never really know what someone else will like. 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Urban Threads Coloring Contest

I have to try my hand machine at competeing in's coloring contest.

Now I need to find a way inspiration to use the design on something....
I have a couple more that I planned to create but now I'm not sure I can compete 
with some of the awesome designs that I've seen on Flickr.

Hope all are well, sorry I've not been blogging, I need a bit of a break - been busy with paying work & now with school out, I've been a referee for the kids 

Blessed Be, Alyssa

Monday, April 22, 2013

My "Mommy Poppins" Purse

(12/10/13: A qick note to say that Jodi is giving away purse frame hardware and Mommy Poppins Purse Pattern PDF for the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway week.
Please go check out her giveaway here:

I've been lucky enough to be able to pattern test Jodi of's Mommy Poppins Purse!

 The bag is a carpet bag style with the intention of being a diaper bag. I, of course, am not (and will not) be in need of a diaper bag but I have found it works perfect as a library day purse - lots of room for returning books & bringing home new books -I am raising another generation of bibliophiles! Yay!
The bag is perfect for carrying my new clipfolio that I use to keep track of my custom sewing jobs. 

I did change a couple of little things during the construction of the bag (and yes with a bag as structured as this - it really is construction!).

I made an additional interior pocket by dividing one of the pocket panels into three
instead of just the two as suggested in the pattern - 
our water bottles will fit much more snug with the smaller pocket, as will my phone.
When attaching the accent piece to the side panel I attached the accent piece
right sides together with the main fabric, sewing along the intended seam line.
I then flipped the accent piece over, pressed, and top stitched. The brown fabric is denim so pressing didn't seem like it would give me as crisp or straight a line as this method did.
In making the lovely curved corner pieces I sewed a matching piece of fabric right sides together with the accent piece along the curve then clipped, turned, pressed, and top stitched - I got a nice smooth, crisp curve - especially important with the denim.

My main fabric for the bag is re-purposed roman shade fabric- I had made them for another house and so have been re-purposing the fabric in other projects since moving. Something about the print I love!

The more I use the bag, the more I love it. Being able to open it up with the purse frame & have it stay that way is so nice!! I happened to receive my pouch from Emily for the Sweet Pouch Exchange (which I LOVE) that will be a fixture in my bag, as well as some to-be-sewn pouches to help keep my bag organized.

Please check out Jodi's site for the pattern - I hope you find the bag as useful as I am - to be honest I didn't think I'd use it much since I don't need a diaper bag but it has been great!! I can keep track of all my things - work, craft, and family related - especially good for Library day!

Blessed Be,

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Ottobre 1/2013 #19 Relaxed

My kids have both hit growth spurts since Xmas, meaning they are running low on pants that fit properly. I was able to find a pair of jeans for D at the thrift store ($1.50!) but they didn't have any 4T jeans for B. So, this gave me the motivation that I needed to make her a pair of jeans, not to mention that the one pair of jeans she was willing to wear got a big rip in the bottom! Using my new Ottobre Design 1/2013, I made #19  Relaxed. I constructed the jeans from a pair of size 18 women's jeans that looked new from my MIL. 

I made some alterations to the the jeans during the construction process. 
I had B try on the jeans before I attached the waistband, which was a very good idea because I had to take in the waist over 3"! If you really look at the jeans it is noticeable that the back is smaller than it should be - the side seams go to the back a bit too far but all the other seams were finished & had pockets.
I used a portion of the original waistband for the waistband of the new pants and added button hole elastic and buttons to the waistband to make it adjustable.
I wanted to reuse the original hem and cut out the fronts without checking that the back pieces would fit - which of course means that they didn't. So I evened out the length and added the fold-up cuff that will make the pants last longer since I can fold it down for more length.

These are B's main pants as winter is unending this year, she likes them so that is all that really matters.
Hope others have had better luck in the waist fitting than I did.
This summer B will be able to wear her crossover top and it will match perfectly! yay!

Blessed Be,

Sweet Pouches

A long overdue post!!
I'm not sure how but I neglected to post about the Sweet Pouch I received from Emily! Bad Alyssa!!
I love it! She made me a quilted pouch with the cutest lining & great sweets! YUMMY! 
I just love the stamping she added - I always smile when I see my pouch!
Which is daily since I keep it in my recently sewn Mommy Poppins Bag.

To show my appreciation I made Emily a thank you sweet pouch.
 I really wanted to try out this design & so I turned it into something useful.
My zipper isn't nearly as nicely done at Emily's perfect zipper. 
I boxed the corners to give it more structure and I stabilized both sides to make it a bit more sturdy - 
the fabric is very light weight cotton. 

Well, I hope that this pouch brightened Emily's day as much as receiving my pouch brightened my day.

Blessed Be,

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Girls' Anywhere Dresses

It took me maybe 1.5 hours to sew two! I made one for my B in 4T and one for a friend's daughter in size 8  I'll have to update the post with pictures of V in her dress later. 

Don't you just LOVE the bright blue flowers!!! I used a vintage piece of fabric from my Grandmother's stash that I have had forever! I love the bright blue flowers but hadn't seen which pattern to use for the fabric until trying to decide which knit to use for this simple styled dress.

I made the short sleeve version and beings that Spring is in hiding and it is still Winter in Minnesota, B picked a pink turtle neck to wear under the dress with some heavy tights.
B has already requested a long sleeve version of this dress - I think I'll make it a 5T so it will still fit next winter.

The dress is knee length and perfect for running around with a pair of tights or leggings on - I don't like B to ended up with panties showing so she will always be wearing one or the other - plus in the summer it means less hot slide burned legs.

I highly recommend this pattern as a quick sew to anyone that is comfortable with knits.

A reminder that I am a Go To Patterns Affiliate so if you would like to purchase this pattern I'd love it if you used my link :)