Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Girls' Anywhere Dresses

It took me maybe 1.5 hours to sew two! I made one for my B in 4T and one for a friend's daughter in size 8  I'll have to update the post with pictures of V in her dress later. 

Don't you just LOVE the bright blue flowers!!! I used a vintage piece of fabric from my Grandmother's stash that I have had forever! I love the bright blue flowers but hadn't seen which pattern to use for the fabric until trying to decide which knit to use for this simple styled dress.

I made the short sleeve version and beings that Spring is in hiding and it is still Winter in Minnesota, B picked a pink turtle neck to wear under the dress with some heavy tights.
B has already requested a long sleeve version of this dress - I think I'll make it a 5T so it will still fit next winter.

The dress is knee length and perfect for running around with a pair of tights or leggings on - I don't like B to ended up with panties showing so she will always be wearing one or the other - plus in the summer it means less hot slide burned legs.

I highly recommend this pattern as a quick sew to anyone that is comfortable with knits.

A reminder that I am a Go To Patterns Affiliate so if you would like to purchase this pattern I'd love it if you used my link :)

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