Monday, April 22, 2013

My "Mommy Poppins" Purse

(12/10/13: A qick note to say that Jodi is giving away purse frame hardware and Mommy Poppins Purse Pattern PDF for the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway week.
Please go check out her giveaway here:

I've been lucky enough to be able to pattern test Jodi of's Mommy Poppins Purse!

 The bag is a carpet bag style with the intention of being a diaper bag. I, of course, am not (and will not) be in need of a diaper bag but I have found it works perfect as a library day purse - lots of room for returning books & bringing home new books -I am raising another generation of bibliophiles! Yay!
The bag is perfect for carrying my new clipfolio that I use to keep track of my custom sewing jobs. 

I did change a couple of little things during the construction of the bag (and yes with a bag as structured as this - it really is construction!).

I made an additional interior pocket by dividing one of the pocket panels into three
instead of just the two as suggested in the pattern - 
our water bottles will fit much more snug with the smaller pocket, as will my phone.
When attaching the accent piece to the side panel I attached the accent piece
right sides together with the main fabric, sewing along the intended seam line.
I then flipped the accent piece over, pressed, and top stitched. The brown fabric is denim so pressing didn't seem like it would give me as crisp or straight a line as this method did.
In making the lovely curved corner pieces I sewed a matching piece of fabric right sides together with the accent piece along the curve then clipped, turned, pressed, and top stitched - I got a nice smooth, crisp curve - especially important with the denim.

My main fabric for the bag is re-purposed roman shade fabric- I had made them for another house and so have been re-purposing the fabric in other projects since moving. Something about the print I love!

The more I use the bag, the more I love it. Being able to open it up with the purse frame & have it stay that way is so nice!! I happened to receive my pouch from Emily for the Sweet Pouch Exchange (which I LOVE) that will be a fixture in my bag, as well as some to-be-sewn pouches to help keep my bag organized.

Please check out Jodi's site for the pattern - I hope you find the bag as useful as I am - to be honest I didn't think I'd use it much since I don't need a diaper bag but it has been great!! I can keep track of all my things - work, craft, and family related - especially good for Library day!

Blessed Be,

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