Saturday, April 20, 2013

Ottobre 1/2013 #19 Relaxed

My kids have both hit growth spurts since Xmas, meaning they are running low on pants that fit properly. I was able to find a pair of jeans for D at the thrift store ($1.50!) but they didn't have any 4T jeans for B. So, this gave me the motivation that I needed to make her a pair of jeans, not to mention that the one pair of jeans she was willing to wear got a big rip in the bottom! Using my new Ottobre Design 1/2013, I made #19  Relaxed. I constructed the jeans from a pair of size 18 women's jeans that looked new from my MIL. 

I made some alterations to the the jeans during the construction process. 
I had B try on the jeans before I attached the waistband, which was a very good idea because I had to take in the waist over 3"! If you really look at the jeans it is noticeable that the back is smaller than it should be - the side seams go to the back a bit too far but all the other seams were finished & had pockets.
I used a portion of the original waistband for the waistband of the new pants and added button hole elastic and buttons to the waistband to make it adjustable.
I wanted to reuse the original hem and cut out the fronts without checking that the back pieces would fit - which of course means that they didn't. So I evened out the length and added the fold-up cuff that will make the pants last longer since I can fold it down for more length.

These are B's main pants as winter is unending this year, she likes them so that is all that really matters.
Hope others have had better luck in the waist fitting than I did.
This summer B will be able to wear her crossover top and it will match perfectly! yay!

Blessed Be,

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